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for Hydronic Balancing

Dedicated to Industry Education & Quality Products

Automatic Flow Limiting

PRO Hydronic Specialties has created and patented the first automatic flow limiting device that can actually measure flow.

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Manual Balancing

Our full line of manual balancing venturis are some of the most efficient and easy to commission manual balancing devices in the industry.

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S.S. Hoses

PRO Hydronic hoses are durable, easy to install, have a variety of connection choices and come in both standard and custom lengths.

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Coil Hookup Kits

Coil hookup kits are pre-engineered packaged systems that will save you time, labor, and money during your hydronic piping installation.

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PRO Hydronic Specialties

Tier 1 Manufacturer

It is the belief of PRO Hydronic Specialties that being a Tier 1 Manufacturer is the key to long-term success. As a Tier 1 Manufacturer, we provide only the highest quality solutions. From initial engineering all the way through production, quality and function are our primary focus. None of PRO Hydronic Specialties critical components are designed, produced or distributed by another manufacturer. PROH either has patents for, or, are the original designers of most products we provide our customers. This allows PRO Hydronic Specialties the ability to directly provide unique solutions based on our own engineering abilities and knowledge of the market.
Pro Hydronic Specialties

Dedicated to industry education & quality products

While PROH does bring in axillary products to complement our core offering, the innovation of our primary solutions is unique in our competitive landscape. From our AFL that can measure flow, to our valve design, PRO Hydronic solutions are the envy of our competitors. Our ability to quickly design and produce custom solutions such as, Stainless-steel products for Deionized water and specific auto flow limiters for non-HVAC cooling systems is setting us apart from the not only the Tier 2 suppliers but, also, other Tier 1 suppliers.

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PRO Hydronic Specialties offers a full line of standard and extended accessories including P/T ports, air vents, handles, hose end drain valves, ball valves, stainless steel braided hoses, unions and butterfly valves for all applications.


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Specifications are important because they not only demonstrate clearly what the Engineer allows during construction, but possibly even more important, specifications restrict what the Engineer does NOT allow during construction.

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