PRO Hydronic Specialties offers a full line of standard and extended P/T ports, air vents, hose end drain valves, full and reduced port ball valves, stainless steel braided hoses, unions and butterfly valves for all applications.  As with the entire PRO Hydronic offering, we have engineered features and benefits into our accessory products to add differentiation and specifiable aspects.

Integral Extended Accessories – We have redesigned both our Hose End Drain Valve (H1) and our Manual Air Vent (AV) to incorporate an integrated extension piece onto the actual accessory. In times past when extended options were laid out for chilled water insulation clearance, we would have to use accessory extenders to accomplish the task. This required the installation of the extender to the accessory, which meant more labor and inventory costs.

H1-AV-Integral Ext

Extended Handle w/ Integrated Vapor Seal – PRO Hydronics is very excited to introduce the next evolution in Extended Handles. Our engineering department has been working overtime on this project. We didn’t just want a better extended handle for our valves; we wanted features and benefits which could be specifiable – invoking TRUE differentiation from our competitors. Most extended handles rotate as an entire assembly when being adjusted or turned on or off. Once the extension assembly rotates (post insulation), the rotating of the handle breaks the vapor barrier between the handle extension surface and the actual insulation. The thermal barrier is now compromised and will allow the handle to sweat, and or the interior of the insulating material to become saturated with moist vapor which can cause mildew and/ or mold! So, what is an Integrated Vapor Seal, and how does it help the system you ask? Without getting too technical, it is essentially the process of thermal diffusing, or decoupling of thermal energy transmitted through convective action across metal surfaces. We have designed a handle that will not sweat, and will not compromise the insulation thermal barrier once applied to the valve.

PRO Hydronic’s design is essentially a handle inside a handle. With a proprietary design on the stem extension, which allows for a vapor break, along with a thermal diffuser – see illustration below.